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Man using towel after he washed with a beard wash.

Face Wash vs Beard Wash

Greetings my fellow Distinguished Beards-men! There is a stark difference between beard wash and face wash. It caught me by surprise when I realized it!  There are hundreds of questions regarding the best products for cleanliness and properly washing your beard. Over time, I have researched this topic and have been a "lab rat" trying different products in effort to broaden my understanding of each. Hopefully by the conclusion of this discussion what I've learned can be passed on and clarity of the difference between face wash and beard wash will be understood. So, without further ado, let's dig in!  ...

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Happy man with patchy beard

How to Fix Patchy Facial Hair and Bald Spots

Greetings my fellow Distinguished Beards-Men! I believe EVERYBODY suffers from either a patchy beard or light bald spots in their beard! Having been a victim of both conditions, I was able to push through and grow a healthy beard. Tending to a patchy beard can be a frustrating process, however, there are some takeaways that I'd like to share to educate and aid my fellow distinguished beard-men on their journey. Without further ado, LETS DIG IN! Every man wants his beard to grow out thick, healthy, and full. Unfortunately, our beards have minds of their own. Patchy beard growth isn’t...

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Man combing his beard to promote beard growth

Beginner's Guide to Growing a Beard

Greetings my fellow, Distinguished Beards-men! The days of quarantine proved to be the most trying days ever faced as a nation! There is a "new norm" under development and it is on us to adapt! For us men, if you’re like me, you started quarantine with a clean shaved face! One month in you sported fresh new growth. Some patchy areas, but steady beard growth. Month two: steady beard growth has turned into a shaggy lite beard (some patches still). Month three: beard hairs are all over the place and you're beginning to resemble a lumberjack when you look in...

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