Greetings my fellow Distinguished Beards-men! For as long as I’ve been growing a beard, there has been heavy discussion around the purpose and use of beard balm, beard butter and beard oil. Frankly, there is purpose for each and as a user of all three I felt it would be purposeful to explain each product and their individual use. If you're out there and you're wondering what to buy and why; you're in the right place! So, without further ado, let's dig in!

Beard Balm

Let’s start with beard balm. Beard balm is used to style and hold the shape of your beard. Ingredients normally include beeswax; the active component responsible for holding the beard in place. Beard balm is perfect for long and coarse beards and even structured beards. Beard balm is usually used during the day, as part of your morning routine. Personally I apply beard balm as part of my morning routine. If you'd like to see the beard balm I use, please see The Grooming Co. beard balm here

Beard Butter

Next there’s beard butter. Beard butter is generally applied following a dab of beard oil. This helps with stronger hold and style. Beard butter works to both soften your beard and act as an anti-ich product designed to be used at least twice a day. This helps grow your beard with ultimate comfort. Beard butter unlike beard balm is not made with beeswax; however through the use of beard butter your beard will have a soft texture that tames the flyaway hairs and adds a shine. Beard butter is generally made up of natural butters and oils. Primary butters include mango and shea butters. Beard butter serves as a deep conditioner to soften and moisture both your outer skin and skin beneath. These natural butters absorb into the beard giving the beard a fuller look. Beard butters are perfect for men with finer or sparser facial hair. Beard oil is best for moisture however beard butter is a great substitute because of its lightweight feel. OK, time for another shameless plug! I used to apply beard butter more often than I do now. Normally I apply beard butter during my evening routine so that I can trap in moisture and hydrate overnight. The beard butter that I use can be found here. If you're searching for a nice beard butter, then I highly recommend this product. 

Beard Oil

Last but not least there's beard oil! Beard oil should always be the starter product applied to the beard, no matter the growth stage your beard is in. Beard oil is easy to apply and works with any texture of hair. Beard oils do not have a strong hold and do not provide any support for styling. Nonetheless beard oil does keep your beard soft and hydrated which is its purpose. And no matter the length, beard oil keeps your beard soft and resistant to damage, eliminates dandruff, adds a healthy shine and smells really nice! If you're searching for a great beard oil, look no further. The Grooming Co has an awesome beard oil. For more details see link here.  

I recommend using all three products when building your beard routine. Each has a different use and benefit. Beard balm is great to use daily after you apply beard oil. Beard oil is best used at any time of the day, preferably the first product applied and beard butter is excellent to use at night to deeply hydrate your facial hair and the skin underneath your beard. As always good luck on your journey! 

This is One Distinguished Beards-man signing off!

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