Greetings my fellow Distinguished Beards-men! While on my journey I’ve intentionally searched male grooming products that have really concentrated efforts on keeping the skin (even under the beard) clean and moisturized. There are several great manufactures on the market so I don’t want to discredit anyone. Personally, when I found The Grooming Co and searched/tried their products, I learned about the secret sauce; GOATS MILK. That’s right, GOATS MILK! Goats milk is a product many manufacturers incorporate into their skin care line. So, to that point, let’s talk about it!

Quick disclaimer:

Be advised, goats milk products also come with stipulations. Goats milk is an additive for those looking to add moisturization and other helpful nutrients to the skin. However, if you're allergic, you can develop a reaction. So, please exercise prudence and verify no allergic reactions to any product that has goats’ milk.


Skin is our most critical organ. And in addition, the largest! Skin naturally absorbs products into the body. As a result, we must be critical of what we apply. Goats milk is natural and loaded with a full registry of nutrients.  There are foreign chemicals that may contact your skin and beard through applying goats milk infused products. As a cleanser, goat milks alpha hydroxy acids, is responsible for breaking down dead skin cells but also doubles as an awesome beard shampoo and conditioner. Now can that 2-in-1 conditioner you’re currently using do that? If so, keep reading; we're not done yet!

Goat milk also has a pH level very close to the pH level of human skin. This means nutrients can easily absorb into the body and harmful bacteria well, not so much. Depending on the pH level of certain products e.g. facial soap, it's possible your oil glands may overreact. Leaves your skin with blemishes and oily; which in turn causes acne.  


Goats milk is packed with vitamins that feed the skin and your beard. Vitamins like B1, B6 E, B12, C, A, and lastly D are natural remedies for acne control, roughness of skin and wrinkles. Goats milk is hypoallergenic meaning it's good for any skin type, specifically sensitive skin!

Today’s blog is really a game changer! I’ve seen males completely change their grooming regiments once they realized the potential of goat’s milk; myself included. If you’re looking and have concerns, here are a few links for the products I personally use this link to all goat milk products. These are the products I swear by and suggest. As always, good luck on your journey.... and.... 

This is one Distinguished Beards-man signing off!

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