Greetings my fellow Distinguished Beards-men! There are several reasons why men decide to grow beards. Growing a beard is a journey with a commitment that will change the way your peers perceive you. This can yield both positive and negative perspectives, so be prepared.

Generally, beard growth is largely prefaced by genetics and hormone levels. The first couple months into the process is difficult. Be prepared to get frustrated at times, struggle with itching, and the temptation to shave when it's growing in patches. Find solace in knowing these nuisances are necessary and will pass over time. Also find solace in knowing that you have a community of Distinguished Beards-men at your leisure ready to share knowledge in effort to make your journey easier! So, despite all the negatives; how do we grow a full and thick beard you ask? Let's discuss!  

Grow Your Beard 

The simplest piece of advice that I can give! Do not touch your beard for at least 4 months! Facial hair grows at different speeds so give it time to fill out. Growing your beard also covers patchy spots over time and will provide insight as to what the final shape of your beard will be. During this process, NEVER cut/trim the beard.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

There are many beard growth products that can help you! For example, beard oil is an essential element, specifically the itchy beard phase. Beard oil conditions the hair and softens the skin underneath it. To achieve the greatest benefits, apply beard oil by massaging deep into the skin behind the beard. This will stimulate blood flow to the follicles.

Healthy Clean Skin

To grow a full and healthy beard, develop a skin cleaning regiment with a focus on the skin where your beard grows. Clogged pores and ingrown hairs make it harder for facial hair to grow. Make sure the skin on your face is washed daily, apply beard oil, and eat food that promotes beard growth. Examples of the foods to search for can are noted in the blog titled "How Diet Affects Your Beard" or click here.

Use Supplements

There are several supplements that can be taken. For discussion purposes, let's focus on what could be considered the most critical; Biotin. Biotin is a b-vitamin found in food. Biotin is proven to increase density and quality of hair. 


Exercise on a regular basis will improve the quality of your beard. This is the foundation that you must build upon to grow thicker beard hair. Specifically, cardio workouts (e.g. running, cycling, dance, running) stimulate faster, thicker beard growth. Stress from a cardio workout stimulates the increase of testosterone, promoting healthy follicles for hair growth. 

The above are a birds eye view of steps to take to grow a thick full beard. Of course there are factors like genetics and other disorders that may hinder bread growth. Nonetheless, thankful for the beard you can grow. Always appreciate your body and take good care of it. Besides, we only have ONE shot at life! Live to the fullest, enjoy the ride and stay grateful for how your body rewards you! As always, I wish you the best on your beard journey!

This is one Distinguished Beards-man signing off!

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