Greetings my Distinguished Beards-men! After a heavy debate with a room of my bearded counterparts I decided to share with you all what I’ve learned. Several of my bearded counterparts subscribe to the notion that wearing a beard year round is better in the winter than in the summer. Do you think this? Personally, I disagree (respectfully)! I’m not trying to change how men think, however, I’d like to share both perspectives so that we can come to our individual consensus and share them. 

Is Beard Growth Faster During Summer?

Let’s dig in! Generally, most believe that during the warmer months beard growth is faster and during the colder month’s growth is slower. To be granular, most claim that beard growth is faster during the warmer months. Likewise, during the cooler months, growth is slow. The claim is testosterone levels are higher resulting in more growth in the warmer months. Thus, peak growth would occur during summer months. Colder months yield testosterone levels in much lower ranges, thus stunting beard growth. 

Other Factors Besides the Weather that Affect Beard Growth

I understand the concept and follow the logic. I know that there are dozens of sites with these claims that other bloggers will attest, BUT I’m here to tell you that this point isn’t completely factual. First off, testosterone levels do not fluctuate given the seasons. Testosterone fluctuates given the time of day! Meaning testosterone levels are higher during the morning and lower as the day progresses. The majority of testosterone is produced in our sleep regardless of the season! This is because our bodies are at rest, healing itself and preparing for the next day. This is why it is critical that we get the proper amount of sleep so that our bodies may rest and rejuvenate. Hormone synthesization is an output of this process.

There is also a claim that beards during the summer months make the wearer warmer than during the colder months? 

Personally, as a distinguished beard-men I’ve grown my beard during the summer and winter months. Now I’m not disqualifying other opinions, however from my experience my beard will grow despite the season. What do I mean? I mean it's not the season that’s impacting your beard growth. It's your REGIMENT that impacts your beard growth during the season. I’ll explain

First things first, I believe that everybody’s different! Meaning I don’t want to discredit readers who truly stand by the postulates mentioned earlier! I will say during my journey (to which we never stop) during the winter months I find that my skin is much dryer. Because of this, I practice a beard care regiment filled with moisturizing and hydrating to keep my beard nurtured. In terms of washing my face, I tend to wash approx. 2-3 times weekly, derma roll, and use beard conditioners (specifically for beards)! For examples of the products I prefer see The Grooming Co link (LINK HERE) for products to research. 

Summer VS Winter: How Do Beard Regimes Change?

During the summer months my beard regiment is totally different! This is because my skin gets terribly oily. Not sure why, I’m assuming my sebaceous glands are highly active. As a result, I’m more likely to have oily skin and a dirty beard. Once I realized my cold weather regiment was the cause of my problems. I immediately modified my grooming regiment! What does this mean? It means I’ll likely be working outside more often, and my beard will catch more dirt and debris throughout the day. This means more sweat, which leads to acne! To rectify this, I use lighter products, for example my choice of beard oil. Next, I realized that I needed to wash my beard MORE often. During summer months I normally wash my beard approx. 3-4 times depending on how active you are.

Final Thoughts

Ok, so my point is this; the seasons aren’t what impact our beard growth. Rather, it's how we CARE for our beards during these ever-changing seasons. If you believe otherwise I totally appreciate the perspective, however in an effort to expose everyone to different possibilities and educate, I’d ask that you try to just try it! AND if you don’t see change PLEASE comment! I intentionally wanted to disclose my regimens as seasons change in an effort to present an example of changes you can take to see an improved beard. The only other option (to which I suggest against) is to cut your beard! I’m not saying taking a razor to your beard is the wrong answer, however you can cut it down and see if you feel better.  But my personal suggestion is to start with your regiment and make modifications. As always, good luck on your journey....and....   

This is one Distinguished Beards-man signing off!

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