Greetings my fellow Distinguished Beards-men! Growing a beard can be rigorous for most. The patience required, as well as the commitment to stick to a daily beard care regimen requires a great deal of self-discipline. Add in a truck load of patience, genetics and exercise and you're almost there. Last, but certainly not least, we need a healthy diet! That’s right, what you eat impacts the health of your beard. So, today's discussion is in regards to some of the most critical nutrients your body is starving for in order to grow a nice full mane! As always, let’s dig in!

For better and healthier beard growth, eating the right foods is one of the key solutions. It is highly advisable to eat specific foods designed to stimulate the facial hair growth process because your diet contributes a lot in inducing natural beard growth. Eating specific foods is beneficial as doing so can supply your body with the nutrients your body needs for the process.

To help you grow a strong, healthy, and thick beard, you have to learn about some of the foods capable of stimulating that process. Below is a quick and dirty list of the major nutrients that will aid your journey. It would be prudent to search for foods that can supply the following vitamins, minerals, and nutrients because they can surely help make growing your facial beard easier. 


Your body needs phosphorus to grow a strong, healthy, thick beard and hair follicles. Note, the rate your beard or any facial hair grows are influenced by your hormones. Specifically, phosphorus supports growth of hormones necessary for hair. With that in mind, this nutrient is indeed useful in your decision to begin growing and maintaining a beard.


Zinc is also one nutrient needed by you to grow facial hair. Abundant in pumpkin, lentils, oysters, seeds, spinach, and beef, zinc contributes to healthy beard growth because of its ability to maintain a high level of testosterone in your body. Zinc also improves hair quality! Supplying your body with enough zinc can even reverse premature gray hair and make it return to its natural color.


Protein is one of those vital nutrients that should be part of your daily diet if you want to grow a healthy and thick beard. All types of hair consist of keratin, one of many proteins, which is categorized as a fibrous nutrient.

Regardless of where the hair, head, leg, back, face, or any part of your body, structural composition is the same. With that in mind, your facial hair needs a diet full of protein to optimize health and maximize growth potential.

Increasing your consumption of protein-rich foods also increases production of testosterone in your body. A higher level of testosterone in the body does not only help in improving muscle strength, but also contributes to improving the speed of growing a quality beard.

If you do not take in sufficient amounts of protein, there is a great chance for your beard to become brittle and dry, making it vulnerable to breakage. Aside from that, protein inadequacy can also negatively affect your beard’s fullness and thickness. It tends to limit the growth of your beard, so it is advisable to eat protein-rich foods.


Your facial hair can also greatly benefit from eating foods rich in boron. Boron helps to increase the level of testosterone within your body. With the ability of testosterone to help you grow your beard, it is also safe to say that boron is indeed a vital nutrient in your diet.


Iron also has a vital role to play in growing a healthy and thick beard. It helps produce hemoglobin, a red protein that functions by transporting essential oxygen all throughout your body. Iron stimulates beard and hair growth while repairing any damaged cells. The role played by iron in producing and growing hair is so important that any deficiency in it triggers hair loss. With that in mind, it is advisable to consume iron-rich foods if you want your beard to grow healthily.

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 is an essential vitamin. Vitamin B5 helps metabolize foods you eat converting it to usable energy as well as nourishing your cells. One of the cells nourished by this vitamin is the beard and other facial hair. Vitamin B5 feeds the beard and supports hair pigmentation. With that, it surely plays a huge role in delaying or reversing gray hair development.

Vitamin A

Your facial hair will also thank you once you start increasing your intake of foods with high Vitamin A content. This powerful and healthy antioxidant has several benefits as far as growing facial hair is concerned – one of which is supporting sebum production of your skin.

It also helps in growing and reproducing cells. Hair is considered as one of those cells that are the quickest to grow within the body. With that, Vitamin A is indeed useful in assuring you of rapid and healthy beard growth.


Make sure that you also include foods rich in biotin into your diet. This vitamin is crucial to a healthy beard because it can eliminate DHT from your body. If you do not have a good supply of biotin, then it would be highly likely that you will suffer from significant hair loss. This nutrient also plays a huge role in natural and proper thyroid production.

Vitamin C

Foods rich in Vitamin C facilitate beard growth. Being an antioxidant, this essential vitamin offers protection to your hair from damages caused by free radicals. Vitamin C rids the body of these damaging free radicals releasing your body from toxins that may negatively impact the growth of your facial hair.

Vitamin C also facilitates other functions, like the production of collagen, supporting the body in processing and absorbing iron – both functions can greatly support your desired growth of facial hair.


Calcium is also a vital mineral because it supports the healthy and sufficient production of beard hormones – one of which is testosterone. Having a deficiency in calcium hampers beard growth as well as negatively affects hormone levels.

Vitamin E

If you want your beard to grow as nicely as possible, then it is advisable to eat plenty of foods rich in Vitamin E. Similar to Vitamin C, Vitamin E is a famous antioxidant that protects your cells and destroys harmful free radicals. Aside from that, it supports hair growth. It can encourage new facial hair growth so developing a practice of incorporating these foods as part of your diet is beneficial.


Iodine stimulates the thyroid gland to produce more DHT or testosterone, which is vital for the purpose of growing a beard. Apart from that, iodine encourages energy production.


Eat foods rich in potassium, including baked potatoes, avocados, mushrooms, dried apricots, leafy greens, and white beans. Potassium is vital to growing healthy and strong hair. Potassium, similar to iodine, promotes DHT within the body. This promotes hair growth, especially in men.


Your decision to grow a beard will also surely have a positive effect if you ingest magnesium-rich foods. Just like the other vitamins and minerals in this list, magnesium also aids in the production of DHT and testosterone – both of which are essential in growing and maintaining healthy hair and beard.

Foods containing high levels of magnesium are fish, lentils, beans, seeds, nuts, dark leafy greens, avocados, and bananas. Personally these are ALL foods I aim for regularly. 

Best Foods for Beard Growth

Wow, that was a lot to ingest! Now that we’ve discussed nutrients that facilitate beard growth, let's discuss the different foods that can supply them. Food can supply most, if not all, of the essential nutrients needed for your desired beard growth, they are as followed: 

1. Potatoes

While some will claim that a diet rich in protein is the true key to healthy facial hair growth, other studies suggest that a diet consisting of more carbohydrates will actually produce stronger results. Because potatoes are a rich source of carbohydrates, they are an easy supplement to your diet that can boost DHT.

2. Eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of both protein and other essential micronutrients that are necessary for facial hair growth. In addition, eggs are also a rich source of biotin, which is a vitamin that is necessary for healthy hair.

3. Brazilian Nuts

When you ingest 100 grams of Brazilian organic nuts, you are getting 1,917mcg’s of selenium, an important mineral for hair growth. The nuts are equivalent to almost 3000% of your recommended daily value. This means that with just 2 nuts a day you can fulfill your daily value of selenium to ensure that you do not have a deficit of this important mineral. To get the most value out of your Brazilian nuts, make sure you always buy organic varieties with the skin still intact as this is where most of the selenium is found.

4. Raisins

These little, dried grapes may just seem like an innocent snack, but they are actually one of the most powerful natural sources of boron, a trace mineral that has been found to boost the synthesis of testosterone and DHT. Few men are aware of the powerful nature of boron to speed up facial hair growth, but the impact that this mineral can have on your body is definitely worth paying attention to. Now considering that 100 grams of raisins typically contain 3mg’s of boron, this mineral-rich snack may be one of the best-kept secrets to minimizing beard patchiness.

5. Sorghum

This gluten-free grain is also a highly powerful, and little-known hack to achieve a thick fuller beard. 

6. Beef

Red meats are generally high in saturated fat, which is the most essential fatty-acid for the production of testosterone. Adding beef to your diet, therefore, can give your body the fats it needs for healthier hair growth.

7. White Button Mushrooms

Your beard can also greatly benefit if you include a higher amount of white button mushrooms into your regular diet. This food is a big help to your beard as its components aid in significantly reducing the level of estrogen and aromatase within your body. It is a good thing because a high level of aromatase can convert testosterone into estrogen, a female hormone. If your body produces a higher amount of aromatase, then it would be hard for your body to produce more testosterone. 

8. Gelatin

Gelatin is a rich source of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. For those looking to boost facial hair growth, the amino acids glycine and proline are especially important, as they are collagen proteins which is what your body uses to build hair, skin, and nails. Because nearly half of the amino acids in gelatin is collagen protein, this is an easy way to stimulate hair growth. 

9. Orange Juice

Orange juice is a rich source of Vitamin C. A powerful antioxidant that can stimulate the synthesis of collagen, and help reverse the effects of free radicals that could cause damage to your skin and facial hair. In addition, high levels of fructose minimize SHBG, the protein that binds DHT and testosterone, makes it harder for the body to utilize them so be sure to search out the cleanest carton possible OR make your own.

10. Kale

Kale has a high source of vitamin A, which the body uses to repair skin tissues. This is an important vitamin for facial hair growth, as you need your skin to be healthy in order to minimize beard patchiness and brittleness.

11. Fish

Fish offer a healthy variety of multiple micronutrients that your body needs. It is a good source of protein and B vitamins that help your body produce hair and skin. In addition, fish is a good source of omega-3s, which help protect the cell membrane so that your whiskers are healthy and strong. My personal favorites are wild caught salmon, cod, tuna  and red snapper.

12. Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are among the most dependable beard growth foods because they only have around two percent of fatty acids from the polyunsaturated fat. This is a good percentage because it means that the production of DHT and testosterone will never be blocked. To make macadamia nuts a part of your diet, have a bag of its dry roasted or salted version on hand. With that, you can always have it as your snack anytime you crave unhealthy junk foods or chips.

13. Alfalfa Sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts are among the foods that any aspiring distinguished beards-man should include in his diet. This vegetable promotes beard growth because it encourages testosterone production that can also stimulate your facial hair follicles. With that, your hair follicles will be primed for proper growth.

14. Olive Oil

Being a great ingredient in most recipes, olive oil is also one of those foods that can help you grow a beard. It can give you a good supply of Vitamin E as well as other nutrients necessary for hair growth. It has healthy fatty acid rations, too, that can assist in DHT and testosterone production. Aside from the fact that you can incorporate olive oil into your diet, you can also use it as beard oil and apply it to the area regularly.

15. Cruciferous Vegetables

Apart from being great foods for overall health and wellness, cruciferous vegetables also do an important function for men – that is, helping their beard grow strong and healthy. These veggies contain several vitamins and minerals that your facial hair needs for their proper growth. They also have a compound that aids in eliminating excess aromatase and estrogen within your body. By eating more of these cruciferous vegetables, it is possible for you to continue having more testosterone inside your body.

16. Coffee

If you love coffee, then you will also feel delighted to know that this drink contributes a lot not only in improving your exercises but also in increasing the level of testosterone in your body. Aside from helping in the production of more testosterone, coffee also has high antioxidant and magnesium content. Both antioxidants and magnesium are essential for stimulating beard growth.

This is one Distinguished Beards-man signing off!

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