Greetings my fellow Distinguished Beards-Men! I believe EVERYBODY suffers from either a patchy beard or light bald spots in their beard! Having been a victim of both conditions, I was able to push through and grow a healthy beard. Tending to a patchy beard can be a frustrating process, however, there are some takeaways that I'd like to share to educate and aid my fellow distinguished beard-men on their journey. Without further ado, LETS DIG IN!

Every man wants his beard to grow out thick, healthy, and full. Unfortunately, our beards have minds of their own. Patchy beard growth isn’t abnormal; it impacts everyone. If you notice your beard hair grows unevenly, it can be improved. You can style, or even hide any patchy spot using hair products. From my journey I found several practices that helped me shade and fill my patches. Below are a few takeaways from my experience.

Cutting/Trimming is Prohibited 

I implore you to step away from the clippers and trimmers! Don’t even shave! Whether you keep a short beard or a long beard, allowing the beard to grow freely for at least a month will define your beard and alert you to the areas of concern. Normally as the beard grows, fuller facial hair covers the patchy areas. To be candid, there will be a few weeks where patches will be visible while other hairs grow. Nonetheless, over time your beard hair will catch up and even out.  

Diet Diet Diet

Proper diet is most paramount to improving everything in the body! In addition to diet, incorporating a supplement improves your total health. Your supplement should include but not be limited to vitamin B and C, biotin, zinc, iron and omega-three fats. Personally, I follow the DASH diet with a daily cardio workout and a daily multivitamin to follow. 

Hide the Patches 

There are several products that can be used to hide patches. Depending on hair type, styling your beard in a manner that hides patches works! I’ve even heard cases where coloring your beard will hide patches and make the beard appear thicker.

Lightly Clean Your Beard 

I know I said not to clip or trim your beard! I meant it! When I say “lightly clean your beard” I’m saying even the lines of your beard. Evening the lines of your beard gives the beard a cleaner look. Keep your sideburns trimmed down neatly so the hairs blend smoothly into your facial hair and can make a patchy beard appear properly groomed. Doing this yields a sharper border around the rest of your face. Areas of focus should be your cheekbones, jawline, nose and lips. Lightly clean daily and style with beard balm and oil with a brush.

Tackle Uneven hairs

Another option is to actually trim your beard to an even short length. This will shorten your beard, which in turns stunts growth. However, this method will minimize the appearance of patches. In my opinion cutting your beard at the initial phases of your beard journey seems more depressing rather than not. This is certainly an option. It is completely the decision of the individual to take this option. The second option is to keep it full enough to cover patches. Managing the length making it even as possible makes patches less noticeable. Regardless of choice, implementing a robust beard regiment is imperative. 

Choose Appropriate Beard Styles

Choose the best beard style that suits your face. You don’t want to choose a style that may accentuate patches, rather the style that can hide patches or lightly clean your beard. Remember if you can’t decide on a beard style, always, always, always seek council in your barber! As always, good luck on your journey.... and....

This is one Distinguished Beards-man signing off!

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