Greetings my Distinguished Beards-men! The biggest question among bearded men is a very basic one, “how can I make my beard grow faster”? Interestingly, it seems as if the more I stare at my beard, the harder it is to notice growth! I often find myself staring away in the mirror trying to find any new hairs! I know; I'm a mess LOL! It never feels like my beard is growing as fast as anticipated, but it is! Everyday our beards change, progressing through each of the beard growth phases and developing shape. 

There are a few things that you can do to stimulate beard growth. Of course, nothing is guaranteed! There are factors that impact beard growth outside of our control, like genetics but that doesn’t mean all is lost. Take care of your body and your body will meet its fullest potential; your health will be improved. Here are a few simple steps that you can implement to improve the condition of your pre-existing beard. 

Get Serious About Beard Growth 

Honestly this is the hardest! Committing to this journey is a difficult decision to make! There are so many influences (friends, spouse, family) and everybody will have an opinion from “gosh you’re scruffy” to “I don’t like your beard” and so forth. Despite all the opinions, stick to your guns and be serious about beard growth. The early stages are irritating and you may have an itchy beard but you can push through. This can take up to at least a month before you actually have a “shape” of what your beard will be. 

Once your four-week mark is met (for some it may take longer) continue to fight the urge to shave, trim, or meddle with your beard. From here, your beard will take shape plus as long and you hydrate, moisturize, and keep your paws out of your face. Your beard will thank you! (Shameless aside: It was and still is SO difficult to keep my paws out of my beard! However, I'm much better than I was)

Sleep Sleep Sleep 

Rest is paramount to growing your pre-existing beard faster. This is because testosterone, an impactful component of beard growth, is generated when the body is at rest. Lack of sleep can dramatically lower testosterone and sleeping allows the body to regenerate the hormone feeding your beard. Achieving 6-8 hours of sleep is recommended

No Stress  

Along with sleep, reducing stress increases the body’s ability to produce testosterone. When the body is under increased levels of stress the production of cortisol is at a high. This chemical is responsible for managing the body’s stress levels, however sometimes the body can produce too much. This can lead to increased levels of stress, weight gain, high blood pressure and other changes. Ways to minimize stress can include getting more rest, taking a jog or even reducing the amount of time spent on social media or television programming. 

Eat Right

I say this all the time and I’m not going to stop harping on this practice. A lot of what we see and experience from our bodies reflects what we put in our bodies. Maintaining a healthy diet can and will encourage hair growth. In general, hair is made of protein and foods rich in protein facilitate building stronger, healthier bodies and beards. Iron levels in the body can impact beard growth; having an iron deficiency can be a reason for hair loss or stunted beard growth. Eating foods with high Omega-3 fatty acids contributes to keeping hair hydrated. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in several foods (Shameless plug: See our blog titled "How Diet Affects Your Beard" for examples of foods). Normally I source Omega-3’s from salmon or avocados. I try to eat as much of those foods as possible to support growth. Incorporating Vitamin A and B into your daily diet will also help. A balanced diet is the key to great health and longevity.

Lift the Weights 

Exercise is mandatory and should not be overlooked. Exercising drops stress levels but also helps lose some of the extra pounds. Exercise also aids the body in generating testosterone. Exercise promotes increases in blood flow, providing nutrients to hair follicles encouraging the follicles to progress through the hair growth cycle.

Beard Products  

There is NO objective evidence that using bread products creates new beard growth, however beard products DO provide what you need through the different stages of hair growth. Beard balms and oils will style your beard and make the hair softer. At a minimum, your beard products should be clean, used to style and soften your beard. These products will help you through the early stages of beard growth. Check out the Grooming Co for a selection of beard oils, balms, conditioners and other products to help you on your journey at this link here  

As always good luck on your journey.... and....

This is one Distinguished Beards-man signing off!

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