Derma Roller


Add the missing tool to your beard care regimen and promote keratin production and hair growth with our derma roller. 

Derma rollers may be the last thing on many men’s minds, but they can be excellent for encouraging beard growth. The Grooming Co. Derma Roller contains titanium-based, .5mm needles that roll over the skin, which rejuvenates and helps produce keratin for hair follicles. 

The Grooming Co. Beard Derma Roller stimulates the scalp or face, filling patchy areas, strengthening the follicles and supporting the hairs natural growth cycle for a fuller looking beard and youthful head of hair.

0.5 mm titanium needles


Disinfect the derma roller by holding rubbing alcohol spray 3-5 inches from the roller head and spray 2-3 times evenly, let it dry for 20 seconds. After washing your beard using The Grooming Co. Exfoliating Beard Wash completely dry beard and skin. Roll gently 10 times back and forth horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Wash with warm water and sanitize the dermal roller again with alcohol. For even better results, after using the beard roller, follow it up with The Grooming Co. Beard Growth Serum.