About Us

It was the fall of 2020. A pandemic by the name of COVID-19 hit the world making thousands of people sick, or worse. Given the safety risk, my employer advised our lab work from home. Concerned with my personal safety and my wife and children I followed direction and worked from home.


During this period there were several changes to adjust to. Entering a store with gloves and masks was the new normal and curfews were in effect. As a result, many rebelled. For me, afraid for my family, I followed the rules. But by quarantining I was left without a man's most valuable asset; a good barber!


As you can imagine, not only did the hair on my head grow, the beard hairs I normally trimmed or cut grew. As an ex-military solider, and a working member of Corporate America, growing facial hair was taboo. I always made an effort to "look professional", however, as my young mane continued to grow, I began to like the "new me" that was shining through. 


Weeks turned to months where I tried every beard grooming product on the market! I finally met my breaking point! "I think I'm going to cut this beard off" I'd protest to myself! "My beard isn't growing in even", "How long does it take to even grow a beard", "Why is my face so itchy" were all questions I often quizzed myself over. Until one morning where my life was changed forever. Enter my wife! 


With a first class seat to witness my "beard breakdown" my wife, ran her fingers through my young beard stubble and said "baby I'll make something for you". My wife has a niche for making homemade grooming products. About 4 years prior, we had our children (twins) and noticed commercial products (e.g. soaps, lotions, hair oils) gave them allergic reactions. There was an immeasurable volume of cosmetic products we tried to no avail. Mortified, my wife objected "I think we need to make our own products for the twins". Confused by what she meant, largely my role in said endeavor, I replied as any loving husband would in the moment; "OK"! From there my wife purchased several machines and raw products. Observing her mix and develop products to use was equivalent to watching a chemist invent a world changing compound. She didn't have nothing but time and in retrospect, she LITERALLY had time on her hands!


My wife's first creation, was a beard oil. I used it and was taken back at how much I liked it. Next, a balm then several other products; eye cream, butter, and a conditioner. We then started sharing her products with friends and family; taking into consideration to NOT disclose where the product was purchased; we realized how much everyone enjoyed the grooming products she made. It was that moment when we both knew we were on to something!


Before we could blink our eyes, time started to fly. Still maintaining anonymity to friends and family regarding who was crafting the grooming products, we continued to re-supply when needed. We decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship with the intent to share our products and educate in the process!


A beard journey is arduous! However, there is solace with fellowshipping in the company of every bearded man committed to positively changing the beard growing stereotypes. Most believe, wearing a beard makes a man look rough or unclean. Also, who could imagined we would have the growth we've achieved insofar! So, stay tuned; we're just getting started! Speaking on behalf of our family to you and yours, thank you and.....


Welcome to The Grooming Co. Family!