• How often are informative blogs posted?
    • Blogs will be posted once per week. Notifications of newly posted blogs will be posted exclusively to subscribers to the Grooming Co. news letter.
  • Do you sell wholesale products?
    • Presently we do not. If conditions change, please see our web site for any updates, or subscribe to the Grooming Co. newsletter to the latest updates. 


  • Can placed orders be edited or canceled?
    • There is a 2 hour window to edit or cancel an order that was placed, unless the order has already been fulfilled. After 2 hours, or if the order has been fulfilled within the aforementioned 2 hour edit or cancel window, we will not be able to change the order in any way.
  • If I receive the incorrect product, what options do I have to receive the correct product? 
    • Email us at ContactUs@TheGroomingCo.com to rectify the situation.

Billing & Payment

  • What payment methods does the Grooming Co. except?
    • We accept Visa, Master, American Express, and Discover Cards. We also accept Apple Pay, Google Pay and Facebook Pay.
  • How long does it take for me to receive my refund?
    • Once receipt of the product has been confirmed, please allow 2-3 days for your refund to be returned to your method of payment in the system


  • How do I know if my order has been shipped?
    • After an order has been placed, confirmation of order receipt will be sent to the customer. Next the order must be fulfilled. Once fulfilled a notification will be sent to the customer that their order has been fulfilled and shipped. A tracking number will be assigned, providing status of placed orders.
  • How soon before my order will be shipped?
    • We do our best to have all received orders at the status of "shipped" to within a few (1-2) business days
  • Does the Grooming Co. ship products to international countries?
    • Yes


  • Will using the Grooming Co. products guarantee a full and thick beard?
    • The Grooming Co. does not guarantee everyone will grow a full and thick beard. However, we do guarantee our products, along with proper diet, exercise, and restful sleep will result in a healthier body thus a healthy beard. We strive to provide product that can be used as a supplement to an already balanced lifestyle. For more literature on the topic of full and thick beards, and the best way to achieve, please see your blog; One Distinguished Beardsmen. 
  • Are your products all natural?
    • We use all natural products for ALL our products. However, there are trace amounts of agents used for binding and viscous.